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Events and Workshops


Cultivate Your Writing Life

A Workshop for Writers Who Want to Write More


Many writers have spent months, even years dreaming about writing that novel (or short story or essay) but never seem to be able to get actual words down on paper. This workshop is designed to help writers move past their blocks and fears, get their butts in the chairs, and get writing. We will engage in exercises designed to help the writers free up their thinking, brainstorm new ideas, work with their inner critics, and create a realistic writing schedule. We will spend part of the time devoted to short writing exercises with prompts to get that pen moving. Writers will have the opportunity to share their work with the group and engage with the process of giving and receiving feedback. Participants will leave with the beginnings of new writing projects, new tools to help them keep writing, and resources to help them create the writing life they have always dreamed of. Perfect for new writers who don't know where to begin and experienced writers who want to reenergize their writing practice. 




"This workshop was such a breath of fresh air - an honest, encouraging look at why we don't write and a reminder of how joyful it can be." –Katie G.


"Louise Miller's class was a perfect reintroduction to my own creativity. After months of feeling stuck and uninspired, and feeling like my book was getting too big to handle, this class helped me take a step back and find techniques to ground myself, get in touch with and quiet my inner critic, and feel inspired and empowered to dive back in." –Kate M


"Louise has this generous spirit that spills into the room. I left her workshop filled with positive energy and equipped with practical tools for getting out of my own way." – Susan B.


"Louise's workshop was so supportive and encouraging. It was very helpful to move forward and feel stronger. I wish it could have been longer because it was such a positive and friendly experience." –Leah S.


"Louise is the perfect writing workshop guide. Funny, engaging, and thoughtful, she meets you where you are in the writing process and inspires you to jumpstart your project. In her workshop, she provides tips on structure and motivation supplying the perfect amount of personal anecdotes and writing exercises to reenergize you for your work. I will definitely be joining her workshops again in hopes of her writing magic rubbing off on me." –Molly S. .


"I've taken writing classes before. I know *how* write. But sometimes I forget why I write. Louise helped me remember why I write, and gave me concrete steps to take home with me so that I will keep writing. I left feeling renewed about my project, and back in love with the process of writing." –Leanna H.


"I walked out motivated, optimistic, and with concrete ways to address not my failure, but my ongoing work. I highly recommend this class for anyone who listens to the writing demons in their head who tell them it's over".—Kathleen Q




Next session TBA soon!