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The Late Bloomers' Club


A New England Society 2019 Book Awards Finalist!


"You'll want to linger."


–USA Today (online)


"The Late Bloomers' Club is a downright delightful read… It has everything you want from a small town summer read: sweetness, charm, and a side of romance."


"Readers with a sweet tooth and a passion for dogs are sure to enjoy The Late Bloomers' Club… charming."


"A transportive book, and one that activates the senses: the smell of cider donuts, the taste of elderberry juice and corn in red-and-white cardboard boats drenched in butter and flecked with sea salt, and the summertime warmth of rural New England. "
–The Boston Globe


"As warm and cozy as buttered brioche and tea next to the fireplace on a winter morning… will appeal to fans of Jan Karon's 'Mitford' books and Jennifer Chiaverini's 'Elm Creek Quilts' series."
–Library Journal


"Heartwarming, charming and utterly fascinating, The Late Bloomers' Club is a beautifully rendered peek behind the scenes of a small town, its community and its mysteries. I adored this novel."
–Patti Callahan Henry, New York Times bestselling author of The Bookshop at Water's End


"Written with insight, honesty, and dry wit, The Late Bloomers' Club is as cheery and warming as a campfire, an escape into a world where the cakes are homemade, the summer evenings glimmer with fireflies, and thoughtfulness always triumphs."
–Ann Mah, author of The Lost Vintage


"The people in Guthrie have no shortage of troubles, but they also have compassion, imagination, humor, and a camaraderie we badly need in today's world. Miller's novels are not only worlds I love to spend time in, I want to live there."
–Jenna Blum, New York Times bestselling author of The Lost Family

The Late Bloomers' Club

The City Baker's Guide to Country Living


An Indie Next and Library Reads Pick!


"Miller elevates the story by turning it into a Pinterest fantasy of rural America… [Her] visions of bucolic Vermont landscapes, cinnamon-scented kitchens and small-town friendliness make this reverie of country life an appealing one." –The New York Times Book Review


"Louise Miller is an actual pastry chef, and that's why her debut novel feels like sinking into a delicious genoise: beautifully light and rich… Comforting without being cozy, this is escapist fiction for those who want a quieter—and tastier—life."—


"Add in some romance and mouth-watering food descriptions, and Louise Miller's debut novel is a giant serving of comfort food. Treat yourself." —RealSimple


"This book is super cozy—probably because it takes place in a small town in Vermont, and because the protagonist has a dog named Salty, and because she's a baker who spends her days working at an inn. Okay, it's Gilmore Girls."—Bon Appetit


"[An] endearing debut… Miller, a pastry chef herself, writes about food with vivid detail, but her rhythmic prose is even crisper when her interests converge [and she] also excels at characterization, revealing her protagonist's complex pasts in subtle ways."—Publishers Weekly


"Pies aren't simple. Neither is Livvy or The City Baker's Guide to Country Living. All three, however, are capable of warming the heart." –PopMatters

"Mix in one part Diane Mott ­Davidson's delightful culinary adventures with several tablespoons of Jan Karon's country living and quirky characters, bake at 350 degrees for one rich and warm romance." —Library Journal


"In her debut novel…  Louise Miller brings both the pastry chef and her creations to life… Warmhearted and hopeful, with a dash of melancholy and more than a pinch of humor, The City Baker's Guide to Country Living is a treat."—Shelf Awareness


 "With insight, warmth, and humor, Louise Miller describes life in a kitchen as only an experienced baker can—The City Baker's Guide to Country Living is a magnificent debut."—J. Ryan Stradal, author of Kitchens of the Great Midwest


"Compulsively readable and written with deep tenderness…  in a rare book that not only whets the appetite, but makes the heart a little more whole."–Erika Swyler, author of The Book of Speculation

"This book comes with a warning: do not read while hungry. Absolutely charming and perfectly delicious, to be consumed with a large slice of apple pie or a chocolate macaroon. Bliss."—Natasha Solomons, author of The Song of Hartgrove Hall


 "The City Baker's Guide to Country Living is a soup-to-nuts treat.  If only Livvy Rawlings could move her whisks and mixing bowls into your own kitchen to work the magic Louise Miller spins throughout these scrumptious pages."—Mameve Medwed, author of How Elizabeth Barrett Browning Saved My Life


"Genuine and sweet (with a pinch of salt), The City Baker's Guide to Country Living is a feast for the senses, for the head and the heart. With great warmth and generosity, Louise Miller brings a place and its lovable inhabitants to life. I adored this book; it made me want to dance. And eat."—Kate Racculia, author of Bellweather Rhapsody


"Louise Miller knows that a great story is like a prize-winning apple pie—warm, full to the brim with character, and not too sweet.  Her descriptions of the Vermont countryside, the Sugar Maple Inn, and baker Livvy Rawling's desserts make you want to pack a bag and head out for a long weekend in New England."—Erica Bauermeister, author of The Lost Art of Mixing and The School of Essential Ingredients


"The City Baker's Guide to Country Living takes a warm, fresh look at finding one's way and making new choices in life.  It was studded with satisfying nuggets of wisdom throughout, like dabs of butter in a homemade pie, every baker's–and writer's–secret ingredient of choice."—Ellen Airgood, author of South of Superior and The Education of Ivy Blake


"Olivia Rawlings, a rough-cut gem, is challenged to become stronger, wiser and kinder than she's ever had to be. I fell in love with the community of Guthrie, VT, the soul-healing landscape, the quirky characters, and the sumptuous desserts she creates for them." —Juliette Fay, author of The Shortest Way Home and The Tumbling Turner Sisters

The City Baker's Guide to Country Living